10 modern lighting ideas for a truly brilliant bathroom

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10 modern lighting ideas for a truly brilliant bathroom

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Lighting in the bathroom can seem like a specialist endeavour, and while you do need to take moisture levels and proper illumination into account, that doesn't mean that you can't also push the boat out and select something truly spectacular! Ask any bathroom designer and they'll tell you that a statement light fixture or contemporary lighting techniques absolutely have the power to finish a striking and timeless bathroom off to perfection, but if you're not sure what we mean, come with us now, as we show you!

1. Inset niche lighting.

Niche shelving is so handy, but you don't want to be scrabbling around for your toiletries, so adding in a spotlight is a great idea. If you make your shelves from glass, you'll only need one!

2. Natural light.

Contemporary Bathroom and Lighting من homify حداثي

Contemporary Bathroom and Lighting


Why use artificial light, when a skylight will give you all the dazzling sunlight you could possibly need? It can really add in a really beautiful design feature as well.

3. Stylish barely-there lights.

Can you spot the lights in this bathroom? They are on the wall, next to the mirror! Sleek and stylish light fixtures blend in with the rest of the furniture beautifully and still bring all the light that's needed.

4. Ceiling illumination.

We are really enjoying the trend for ceiling-edge lighting! It offers you a camouflaged and understated way to increase the illumination in your room and doesn't disrupt the smooth ceiling lines at all!

5. Discreet wall lights.

Modern bathroom lighting من Affleck Property Services حداثي
Affleck Property Services

Modern bathroom lighting

Affleck Property Services

These tiny little inset wall spotlights are amazing! They look gorgeous, but also, add in extra lighting where you need it the most. Imagine having a few of these on, but without the main light; what ambience!

6. A Hollywood starlet mirror.

We love the light around this mirror! من The Market Design & Build حداثي
The Market Design & Build

We love the light around this mirror!

The Market Design & Build

If you love a touch of drama in your interior design, you simply MUST consider a wall mirror with integrated lighting! You'll feel like a movie star every morning!

7. All out glamour.

حديث  تنفيذ Litecraft , حداثي

Marquis by Waterford Annalee Large LED 5 Light Bathroom Chandelier Chrome


Think you've seen it all, in terms of bathroom lighting? Well think again! Just look at this amazing crystal chandelier, which has made light (ha!) work of adding in some serious luxury! Talk about the most glamorous lighting idea ever!

8. Under-vanity lighting.

Barnes: Master Bedroom Ensuite من Studio K Design حداثي
Studio K Design

Barnes: Master Bedroom Ensuite

Studio K Design

Low-level bathroom lighting is a great way to up the ambience in your space and we think this picture really proves it! Just imagine taking a lovely evening bath and being surrounded by subtle floor lighting! Dreamy!

9. Sparkling shower lights.

Now this is an idea we are definitely on board with! Adding in colourful LED lighting to your shower will really make your ablutions more fun! You can even get shower heads that have integrated lighting, so it feels as though you are bathing in colour! Wow!

10. Funky fixtures.

Ceiling lighting doesn't have to be dull or standard! By creating a more dynamic and unusual ceiling light display, guests won't know what to look at first; your fabulous suite items or your ceiling!

For even more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Eye-catching bathroom flooring.

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