Polishing your home with semi precious stones

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Dressing up your home with semi precious stones is is like wearing jewelry to express beauty and raise your vibrations. Incorporating semi precious stones in interior design is not only beautiful and unique, but good for your mind, body, and soul as well. It brings healing energy to a home and energizes the home with positive vibrations. Semi precious stones are the wonders of nature, and is a natural and beautiful way of decorating a home. 

Let's browse through some gorgeous furnishings and designs with semi precious stones. 

Carnelian room divider

This gorgeous round carnelian room divider is a stunner.The sun shining through the translucent carnelian wall illuminates it's unique circular patterns and beautiful colours.

Carnelian is considered a stone of motivation and action that gives the energy to push through the toughest obstacles. 

Blue lace agate table

This beautifully handcrafted blue lace agate table will add a soothing elegance to your home with its hues of blues, whites, and brown threads of colour. The circular patterns inherent in the stone are calming and uplifting, and is accentuated by the round shape of this table top. 

The blue lace agate is considered a communication stone which helps people communicate their thoughts clearly. Using blue lace agate on a table top in a communal area is therefore suitable. 

Tigers eye table

Tigers eye is a beautiful stone that has mesmerizing optical effects. The polyphony of golden yellow notes contrast against dark brown notes creating vibrations of harmony and balance. Tiger's eye is known to enhance good luck and bring prosperity.

3D International Arts and Gems also have a beautiful collection of furniture and art with semi precious stones. 

Mother of pearl shower room wall

Mother of pearl is the iridescent lining of shells where pearls grow. It has a white shimmery colour and looks really elegant. Heightening intuition and imagination, while also transmuting negative energy is one of the qualities of mother of pearl. 

Traditionally, mother of pearl has been used to purify environments, and since it comes from the ocean, it will feel at home near water in the shower. 

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Amethyst bed

Sweet dreams are made of this, a bed floating in seductive violet amethyst. Amethyst is often used as a dream stone to help insomnia and bring pleasant dreams. Amethyst is also used as a protection stone, creating a comforting vibe. 

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