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You don't have to be the UK's answer to Martha Stewart to be able to conjure up some super home accessories from the comfort of your own living room as DIY projects can be as simple as you want them to be. Our advice is to start small and gradually build up your confidence.

We've thought of a few fantastic projects that should take next to no time to complete but will leave you feeling proud of your efforts and happy with how your house looks. If you're feeling crafty, let's get to it!

1. Turn up the heat on your radiators

When washi tape doesn't hit the spot any more it might be time to reach for the paint as your medium for self-expression. Radiator covers serve a purpose but they can be a little dull so why not consider designing a mural and getting stuck in?

2. Hang out the bunting

Stylish Event and Room Decorations Candle & Cake HouseholdAccessories & decoration
Candle & Cake

Stylish Event and Room Decorations

Candle & Cake

Bunting, paper tassels and all manner of fun wall hangings are super quick and easy to make but really pep up a space.We love these ones from Candle & Cake and can't help but picture something similar in a nursery. So cute and funky!

3. Start dipping your wick

Bimala brass lanterns homify HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Bimala brass lanterns


Candle making isn't reserved for kids in the summer holidays so why not grab a kit and start experimenting? You can get the exact colour you want and did you know that if you add crushed ice to your mould, you'll get a snowflake effect? Very cool!

4. Take a little time for yourself

Breathing Clock - front view BLOTT WORKS HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Breathing Clock – front view


You can easily pick up clock mechanisms online for very little money and from there, how you choose to mount them is totally up to you. We like the idea of repurposing bicycle rims, dinner plates and even cutting new shapes from MDF with a jigsaw.

5. Live alongside your mantra

Blackboard paint is a fantastic invention that has made it super easy for keen crafters to get a little more creative. Painting little placards and decorating them with positive messages allows you to spread a little happiness through your home and you can even mount them in surprising places.

6. Start small and feel proud

If you don't fancy trying your electrician skills out but you hate your light switches, reach for the washi tape and get sticking. This is a fantastic, non-permanent way to decorate boring fixtures and we think you'll start adding the tape to everything you own. Be warned, it's addictive!

7. Don't throw everything out, just upcycle

Vintage Leather Luggage homify HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Vintage Leather Luggage


Old, shabby items can easily be upcycled to become new, funky furniture or accessory items in your home. One of our favourite items to play around with is vintage suitcases as they make great bedside tables, coffee tables or even sneaky storage spots. Clean up the brassware, re-line the inside et voila.

8. Finally… a use for all our old t-shirts

Pendleton banded arrow blanket Fate London HouseholdAccessories & decoration
Fate London

Pendleton banded arrow blanket

Fate London

If you are loathed to throw out old band t-shirts and sports team shirts, we think we might have a great idea for you. Simply cut off the motif in a neat square of fabric, sew them all together and baste to create a patchwork quilt. All your memories are preserved and you'll reclaim some drawer storage!

9. Mould the future of your interior design

Korridor coloured concrete candleholder An Artful Life HouseholdAccessories & decoration
An Artful Life

Korridor coloured concrete candleholder

An Artful Life

If you've mastered candles, maybe you could try casting something a little more tricky, such as concrete vases? Concrete is a super hot interior material right now and you can paint it. So, if you're rocking a pastel theme in your living room, you'll be able to make something that will coordinate perfectly.

10. Get your Great British Sewing Bee hat on

Home Accessories rigby & mac HouseholdAccessories & decoration
rigby & mac

Home Accessories

rigby & mac

You might not be confident enough to start churning out perfectly pleated kilts just yet but we think everyone has the requisite skill set to knock up a few cushions. Keep your eye out for some fabric that you love and when you have a free afternoon, reacquaint yourself with your sewing machine.

11. Build up to this one before taking a well earned rest

Don't be intimidated by your sofa. When it comes time to replace the covers you can create slips far more simply than you might imagine. There are plenty of free online tutorials, tips and patterns, so perhaps you can start collecting fabric now, in preparation for when you feel a little more confident!

For more fun DIY inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: DIY Projects That Can’t Go Wrong.

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