A country home with refined rustic style

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A country home with refined rustic style

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Intricate and ornate architectural designs mark the terrain of urban Bielsko Biala located in the south of historic Poland. But simple countryside abodes have carved a special niche for themselves too. One home that  caught our attention, is the Klimatyczne Mieszkanie w Bielsku Bialej, designed by In2Home, a group of interior architects. The residence’s simple exterior hides contemporary and visually appealing delights. Watch out for random rustic and earthy touches, and sleek functional ideas.

A Neat Grey Facade

 منازل تنفيذ in2home

The facade depicts a neat barn like structure that wears an elegant greyish hue. The home is surrounded by farmland style mud paths and plenty of greenery. The rustic slant of the roof with the shingles and the windows popping up every now and then, belie the sense of wonder that is about to meet us as we enter this homely structure.

Urban Appeal with Country Colours in the Living Room

 غرفة المعيشة تنفيذ in2home

The living room is a graceful space with a grey sectional that plays up the charm of the white sheer drapes and the smooth flooring. The modern and quirky table features storage advantages and acts as a source of unique visual interest. A delicate lamp sits behind the sofa and bathes the area with its warm glow.

Layered with Modern Style: The Kitchen

 مطبخ تنفيذ in2home

The kitchen is layered with modern renditions of countryside style wood, filling this room with a warm glow. Breaking the monotony of the wood is the white sleek and glossy cabinetry that adds a refined touch to the entire space, and gives it a modern finish.

The Quaint Dining Table

 غرفة السفرة تنفيذ in2home

The dining table has a typical casual European style that rests against the wall on one side. The pine-hued wood exudes simplicity but is also likely lightweight and thus functional. The space is perfect for a romantic home-cooked meal. The setting is for two, with upholstered chairs in a darker shade of brown.

Keeping the Old Intact

 الممر والمدخل تنفيذ in2home

The hallway retains its brick walls and old solid cupboards that still shine with good health and well-designed qualities of sincere craftsmanship. A sewing machine is wedged in between the two closets to remind us of simpler days.

A Bedroom in the Attic

 غرفة نوم تنفيذ in2home

The pretty and cozy attic has been transformed into a bedroom with a low bed and layers of comfortable bedding. The windows and skylight ensure that plenty of natural light comes in while the stripped wallpaper gives it all a robust and cozy feel.

Rustic Bathroom

 حمام تنفيذ in2home

The bathroom too has been designed to be warm and rustic, albeit with more modern amenities. The play of wood and stone makes this earthy space, apt for soulful rejuvenation. The indoor plants in earthen pots add another dose of organic bliss.

With its medley of varying textures and materials, this simply but fashionably designed home brings the countryside charm to life. And that too in a contemporary manner, with sudden touches of quirk. Here is another tour that might pique your interest - A farmhouse from the pages of a fairytale

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