Siderio: أثاث وإكسسوارات في Cellatica هوميفاي


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The company

Siderio is a family-run company focused on industrial-chic furniture. We work with metals to make superb things for everyday use.

It all started in a factory in Italy fifty years ago where we discovered and utilized state of the art technology, as well as our creativity, for projecting and making things we love. From bookcase and magazine rack to custom tables and wine racks, we now make outstanding and customized interior products for those who want to live with bravery.

Our industrial aesthetic is a welcome pop of style for the home or office and it is inspired by NY style lofts with the unique and elegant Made in Italy touch. 

The Studio 

All the items are designed by the so called “Studio” of the company, lead by Mattia Delbarba. Mattia takes the idea from paper to production, thanks to his industrial background. He has always been fascinated by iron, in all its facets and uses. When he was a child, he used to go to the factory of his grandfather and saw him when he was creating iron’s masterpieces. Now, he’s working to create awesome and easy-to-use items everyday, thanks to a team of interior designers, blacksmiths and craftsmen that help him to spread the word of the industrial-chic style crafted in Italy.

Via Guido Rossa 30
25060 Cellatica